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Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Please adhere to all safety protocols when picking up and/or dropping off your students at Pleasanton Middle School. Any unsafe, uncooperative or argumentative drivers will be reported to the Pleasanton Police Traffic Safety Officer. In Alameda County, fines are doubled for traffic violations in school zones. The additional revenue will be used to pay for school and pedestrian safety programs.

The curb in front of the school, along Case Avenue, is a designated Drop-Off & Pick-Up area. Students should use the walkway from Case Avenue through our parking lot crosswalks, to our Bike Rack area. Crosswalk guards will be in the parking lot to assist students each morning.

Delineators have been installed at our school entrance for immediate left turn into the front section of our parking lot Drop-Off & Pick-Up area. All vehicles turning right into the parking lot must stay in the right lane and cannot pass on the left then turn into the parking lot.

Safety cones will mark the Drop-Off Area that will run parallel to our Bike Rack lot. This is only for the AM in order to support the traffic flow for A period class drop-off and regular morning commuting.

The Bus Pick-Up Lane in front of our school will be closed to all vehicles, except City and School Busses and Emergency Vehicles from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. each day. Please do not park in this area during this time to ensure room for busses and emergency vehicles when necessary. Cars will receive tickets if parked in the bus red zone.

If you are dropping off at the Entrance Road (the double lane between our school and Hearst Elementary), please pull in behind the cones and parked cars near our 400 Building. Proceed with caution — administrators will be on monitor to remind parents of safety rules. Please remember to not block Handicap Parking spaces.