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Anonymous Tip Line

ANONYMOUS TIP-LINE (925) 417 - 5199 (Call or Text)
The PUSD Anonymous Tip-Line is in place so students can help their friends get the help they need. This support number is used for help and assistance.  It is meant to be a safe place where students, parents or community members can make anonymous reports via voicemail or text. Help us support students and deal directly with problems by calling or texting to this number and report; any high-risk behaviors, depression or suicidal thoughts, bullying issues, drug or alcohol concerns. There is no caller identification used on the call and all calls and texts are referred to the appropriate staff at our school site.
The phone is not a line that is answered by a person and please note that it is only monitored on school days during school hours. All tips are shared back to school site administrators, and are investigated to the best of their ability given the information received. 
If students have a more urgent crisis, such as they believe a friend, classmate, or self are in imminent danger they should call 911 or reach out immediately to the Pleasanton Police Department. There is also a 24 hour Crisis Hotline listed on our Anonymous Tip Line posters. That crisis hotline is monitored by trained staff and provides a place where a student, parent or community member can speak to an actual person.