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Violating Policies - Points & Stages

 Discipline Points


When students receive consequences for breaking rules, discipline points are assigned to the student as follows:

Form of Discipline

Point Value

Referral Written


Lunch Detention


Campus Beautification (Lunch Clean-Up)


Friday Detention


Behavior Contract


Saturday School





Points accrue over the entire school year. When a student reaches the accrual of 2 discipline points, parents & student are issued a Discipline Policy Reminder and the student loses participation in school extra curricular activities. These activities may include participation on team sports, intramural games, attending field trips, missing the 8th Grade Promotion Dance, and/or not attending the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony.


If a student wishes to remove discipline points he/she must be referral free for 20 school days from the last referral. Students will then be placed on a Discipline Point Removal Contract. The student must complete community service to remove points. Point removal activity and the amount of points removed, must be pre-approved by the administration.


All Discipline Points must be reduced to under 2 points for students to participate in school events. All Discipline Points must be worked off by the end of the school day, on the second to last Friday of the school year.


Students who are demonstrating ongoing discipline issues may be placed on a Behavioral Contract as assigned by their vice principal case manager.