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At Pleasanton Middle School, every student has a right to an education. Should a student violate school rules, he or she may receive a discipline referral. Students who receive referrals may be assigned a consequences for their actions which could include a Lunch Detention, Friday After School Detention, or Saturday School. When a violation is witnessed by any school personnel, they fill out a referral form as documentation. If the violation occurs in their classroom, school staff are asked to conference with the student about their choices and behaviors, contact the student's parents via phone or email, and send the referral to the office for administration to review. The administration and the referral issuing teacher shall discuss the incident. The administration will conduct an investigation and/or determine what consequences are to be given. When a violation is reported, witnesses, and both parties involved, are asked to complete a detailed, written narrative of the incident provided on an official statement template which are all kept confidential. These narratives are used by the administration to review, discuss, investigate, and document violations by students associated with the reported incident.

Administration will use restorative justice approaches with discipline and counsel the student to learn from their experience. Confidentiality is paramount and parties involved, including the teacher assigning the referral, will be simply told whether the investigation has been handled or is still open. Specifics to the assigned consequences and actions of each party are not to be shared or addressed to other parties involved, and only at the discretion of the administrator handling the caseload. Referrals are accumulated over the entire school year.