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Violating School Policies & Outcomes


Pleasanton Middle School rules exist for the purpose of facilitating a safe learning environment at school. Pleasanton Middle School administration and staff maintain an essentially safe, secure school free of weapons, violence and unlawful or disruptive behavior. Our school personnel maintain an educational environment that promotes learning and protects the health, safety and welfare of all students and school personnel.

Effective classroom management and preventive school discipline are essential for supporting teaching and learning.

Along with more specific school rules, and according to Education Codes & Board Policy, students are required to:
• Be diligent in their studies.
• Treat school property, private property and other people with respect.
• Obey all school and classroom rules while at school, at District and school activities, and on the way to and from school.
 • Dress according to District and school site dress policies. All gang-related attire is prohibited.
(Board Policy/ AR 5132)

PLEASANTON SCHOOL STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT  Rules and Expectations are as follows: (further details can be read in the Pleasanton Middle School Student & Staff Organizer Handbook)

* Students are to be courteous and respectful to fellow students and staff at all times (even while riding Wheels Bus Transportation), while refraining from lying, using profanity, or purposely defying school personnel.

* Students will walk their bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and other methods of transportation once they arrive on campus and store them in the proper designated areas. Helmets must be worn.

* Students are to respect school property and not vandalize, steal, or purposely destroy or tamper with school property. School property is to be used only for the purpose for what it is intended.

* Students are not allowed to bring toys to school or use, sell, or furnish any type of weapon (real or imitation), controlled substances, tobacco or drug products/paraphernalia, alcohol or any type of intoxicants.

* Students are to abstain from any form of harassment, hazing, or bullying of any student or school employee.

* Students are not allowed to cause, attempt to cause, threaten/intimidate, use force/violence to injure another person.

* Inappropriate displays of affection, including kissing, are not allowed.

* Students will respect others' property and not go into backpacks, purses, pockets, lunches, etc. unless given permission by the owner.

* Students will respect and follow the technology agreements and policies established by the school and district. Personal tech devices (cell phones, laptops, etc.) may only be used in a classroom with teacher permission, otherwise, students must be sitting at a Tech Bench in order to use a device. Laser pointers are not allowed at school. Cell phones are not to be used to call, take pictures, videos, or access social media during school hours. Cell phones must be kept in student backpacks when not in use.

* Students while refrain from forgery, alteration, or tampering with any school documents, attendance, grades, telephones, fire alarms, or instructional materials at school.

* Students will eat lunch in designated areas, clean up after they are finished, and refrain from cutting lunch lines, throwing any food/drink substances, or chewing gum.

* Students will arrive on time to their classrooms, not leave the campus unless checked out by parent/guardian or our office has received written or verbal permission from parent/guardian.


• Will fairly and equitably enforce the written policies of the school and District.
• May search a student if there is reasonable belief that the student has illegal, dangerous or inappropriate objects at school and will seize them.
• May search student property, including but not limited to lockers, technology, and vehicles.
• May withhold grades, diplomas or transcripts of the student responsible for damage or loss of property until such damages are paid or until completion of a voluntary work program in lieu of payment of monetary damages. (EC 48904, AR 5125.2)

Should a student chooses to misbehave, he or she may receive a school referral. Students who receive referrals may be assigned a Lunch Detention, Friday After School Detention, or Saturday School. When a violation is witnessed by any school personnel, they fill out a referral form as documentation. If the violation occurs in their classroom, school staff are asked to conference with the student about their choices and behaviors, contact the student's parents via phone or email, and send the referral to the office for administration to review. The administration and the referral issuing teacher shall discuss the incident. The administration will conduct an investigation and/or determine what consequences are to be given. When a violation is reported, witnesses, and both parties involved, are asked to complete a detailed, written narrative of the incident provided on an official statement template. These narratives are used by the administration to review, discuss, investigate, and document violations and the students involved. Administration will use restorative justice approaches with discipline and counsel the student to learn from their experience. Confidentiality is paramount and parties involved, including the teacher assigning the referral, will be simply told whether the investigation has been handled or is still open. Specifics to the assigned consequences and actions of each party are not to be shared or addressed to other parties involved, and only at the discretion of the administrator handling the caseload.

Referrals are accumulated over the entire school year as outlined in the disciplinary policy below. Each disciplinary consequence receives a discipline point:

Any Referral = 0.10 points
Lunch Detention = 0.20 points
Friday Detention = 0.50 point
Saturday School = 1.00 points
Suspension = 2.00 points

2 discipline points = Student loses next school dance/activity. Parent/Guardian is contacted to be made aware of discipline.

3 - 4 discipline points = Student loses next/another school dance/activity. Parent/Guardian is contacted. A meeting can be scheduled for behavior. Parent must attend.

5 - 6 discipline points = Student loses next/another school dance/activity. Parent/Guardian is contacted. A meeting is held with parents and school officials regarding behavior.

7 - 8 discipline points = Student is excluded from remaining school activities; including end-of-the-year activities.

If a student wishes to remove a discipline point he/she must be referral free for 20 school days from the last referral.

The student must complete community service to remove (one) 1 point. Point removal must be pre-approved by the administration.

1. Any referral that is issued by a staff member is to be sent to the office for the disciplinary administrative assistant to document. Discipline Points are documented.
2. A note is added in our Q system that the student was counseled, given a warning or held for the period with description.
3. If the office receives or administration creates a referral and the consequences are found to be detention, suspension, Friday detention, or Saturday School, Discipline Points are marked accordingly.
4. It is our responsibility of the vice principals in charge of their student alphabet to contact the student about loss of activities when accruing points.

Lunch Detentions
1. A referral needs to be written to receive a Lunch Detention. Information about the detention is documented on the referral. Lunch Detention is marked on the referral form.
2. Administration fills out a lunch detention slip and gives white copy to student, yellow copy to administrative assistant to document.
3. Administration contacts the parents that a detention slip will be coming home for them to sign and lets them know the reasons for the detention.
DETENTIONS - are scheduled by individual teachers and/or administrators when students choose to disobey the school rules. Teacher detentions are held before or after school or during lunch. Administrative detentions are held at lunch for 20 minutes. Students report to a designated area to serve detention prior to eating or buying their lunches.

Friday Detentions
1. A referral needs to be written to receive a Friday Detention. Information about the Friday Detention is documented on the referral form.
2. Administration fills out a Friday Detention Letter and gives the letter to the student to give to their parents.
3. Administration contacts the parents that a Friday Detention Letter will be coming home for them to sign and let them know the reasons for the detention.
4. A note is added in our Q system regarding the incident with description.
FRIDAY DETENTIONS - are scheduled by administrators and are assigned on Fridays after school from 3:05 - 4:00 PM. Students report to the main office for their designated area to serve detention.

Saturday School
1. A referral needs to be written to document Saturday School. Information about receiving Saturday School is is documented on the referral form.
2. Administration fills out a Saturday School Letter and gives the letter to the student to give to parents. The administrative assistant will also mail a copy of the letter home.
3. Administration contacts the parents that a Saturday School Letter will be coming home for them to sign and let them know the reasons for Saturday School detention.
4. A note is added in our Q system regarding the incident with description.
SATURDAY SCHOOL -Students receive Saturday School as a consequence for violating the expected rules for our school site. School administration counsels and discusses with the student(s) the reasoning behind their detention. Parents receive communication from school administration regarding the detention. Students who fail to serve Saturday School will be given another Saturday School as a consequence. Students will report to the school by 8:30 AM and complete their detention at 11:30 AM. During the time spent at Saturday School, school work, assignments, and books may be brought to keep the student busy after they have completed their reflective writing assignment on the reasons they are serving Saturday School. If students do not have enough work to do, the supervising teacher will assign written work aligned to grade level standards.

Suspension (See Pleasanton Unified School District Parent and Student Guidebook 2017 - 2018 - Reason for Suspension (Education Code 48900) page 25 for more information)
1. A referral does not need to be written to receive a Suspension.
2. Administration must decide if Bullying or Harassment is based on: Disability, Race/Color/Nationality, Religion, Sex, or Sexual Orientation.
3. Administration contacts the parents that a Suspension is being issued to their child, explains the reasons, and informs them for which dates. When student returns to school, they should report to the office before school to check in with administration.
4. Administration fills out a Suspension Form and orchestrates documentation with the administrative assistant. 
6. Administration makes a copy of the Suspension for school records.
7. A note is added in our Q system regarding the incident with description.

Drug & Alcohol Forms
1. Students can be issued mandatory classes with these forms with permission by parents.
2. Parents must sign and pay for classes when they pick up their student. Students must attend classes with a parent – no missed classes.

Expulsion - (See Pleasanton Unified School District Parent and Student Guidebook 2016 - 2017 - Suspension & Expulsion (BP/AR 5144.1) page 25 for more information)

District Policy
• Is to assure that no pupil shall be discriminated against or denied the opportunity and benefits for participation in educational programs, activities and services maintained by the District on the basis of race, ancestry, creed, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, physical or mental disability, marital or parental status, the perception of such characteristics or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. (BP/AR 0410)
• Does not permit gangs or gang activities, such as but not limited to: initiations, paraphernalia, clothing, writings, tagging, comments, gestures or any form of gang activity on its campuses and at its activities.
• Does not permit the administering of corporal punishment to students. (BP 5136)