Attendance and Office

Welcome to our Main Office. Here you can find forms you may need for attendance, health, or volunteer activities.
Please remember to check in with our front desk when you arrive.
All visitors on campus must sign in at the Main Office and receive a Visitor Pass Badge prior to entering campus.
 Main Office Files
Attendance Forms
If a student will arrive late to school, a parent/guardian should call the school attendance line at 925-426-9701 before the student arrives or send a note with the student. The student must then sign in at the attendance counter and receive an admit slip.

If a student is absent from school all day, a parent/guardian must call the attendance line that day to clear the absence. Any uncleared absence after three days will be considered a truancy and a letter may be sent to the parent/guardian.

If a student needs to leave campus, a parent/guardian must send a note stating the date, the reason for departure, the time of departure, and the expected time of return. New this year: Parents/guardians must also come to the attendance office to sign out the student. 
Health Office
EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS Please make sure work/home/cellular phone numbers are listed on the emergency card. It is imperative that we have up-to-date information about how to locate you (or your designee) in the case of an emergency. If there are any changes to the emergency numbers during the school year, please come into the office to make those changes.
The Health Office will always call a parent when an injury has occurred to a student to inform you about their well being.
Please read the file below entitled Info from the Health Office or click here to visit our Health Office Page.