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SCIENCE BOWL CLUB - This club is for all students who are interested in competing in the Science Bowl each January.  Incoming 6th graders start their season in September. All other students start the season in March of their 6th/7th grade year and conclude January of their 7th/8th grade year. The club is very competitive, as only five students make the final science bowl team. Students specialize in one of 3 areas: Math/Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, Biological Sciences with Anatomy, and study those areas independently in depth. . Meetings are to determine which 4 students make the final team. Each meeting includes a lecture or reading quiz followed by practice using buzzers. Requirements for membership in the club are:  1) science teacher approves, 2) Consistent attendance 3) Parent signs form, 4) a passion for learning science.  This club meets Mondays and Fridays at 3:00 pm. starting in March. The 6th Grade Club meetings are on Thursday 3PM starting in September. Email Mr. Su for more information.  Advisor:  Mr. Su

Advisor: Andy Su