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New Student Information


Pleasanton Middle  School Enrollment and Registration 
Initial Enrollment (One Time)
Step 1 - Complete on-line Pre-Enrollment process
Step 2 - Take the the printout from Pre-Enrollment, Completed Registration Forms (see below), and Required Documents directly to your resident school site.  Pleasanton Middle School is located at 5001 Case Ave., Pleasanton, CA 94566.
 Required Documentation:
     1.  Any two of the following proofs of residency:
  •      Current utility bill such as PG&E, water, telephone (landline), garbage or cable.
  •      Rental/lease agreement signed within the last two months.  
  •      Final escrow papers signed within the last two months.
     2.  Student immunization record (signed by a doctor.)
     3.  Birth Certificate or Passport


Need a checklist?  Check list for Registration


New Student Shadows are trained to welcome new students to Pleasanton Middle School. The new student will attend the shadow's classes the first day of school and the shadow will show them around.  Shadows also make sure new students are introduced to other classmates and will invite them to eat lunch with them.



Enrollment questions? Please contact Student Services at (925) 426-4290.


Registration Forms: