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Our staff realizes how important it is to maintain an open form of communication between school and home. While we stress that it is the responsibility of the student to communicate with their parents/guardians about school expectations, there are times where families need to communicate to school personnel. We ask that Students & Parents utilize the following for communication:

  1. Our School Website (for events, due dates, spirit days, news, additional information, etc.)

  2. Staff Websites (for homework, due dates, test days, newsletters, additional information, etc.)

  3. Daily Bulletin (The student bulletin is read daily on PMTV. This closed circuit television channel is the official source of school information. Each student is responsible for paying attention to PMTV so they are aware of the information in each bulletin. Parents may access the daily bulletin on our school website.    

  4. E-Connect (Subscribe to this district website, just click on Communication, then E-Connection, then sign up for E-Connection).                                                                          

  5. Q Parent Connection and Student Connection (this portal helps to keep families informed of student progress). The applications are implemented for students in grades 6 - 12 and are available over the Internet via a secure web browser. Parents/guardians and students can view school news, demographics, schedules, attendance, report card marks, transcripts, and graduation requirements (for high school). Although not a requirement for teachers, for classes where teachers post to Q Connection, students will be able to view assignments and grades. Parents experiencing difficulties accessing the Q Parent Portal should email [email protected].  Specific questions about grades, assignments or attendance should be directed to the student’s school or teacher. Students should direct their questions about the Q Student Portal to their school office.                                                                       

  6. Staff Emails (for inquiries and communication)

  7. Attendance Office phone number (925) 426-9701 (to report absences or any attendance inquiries)

  8. Main Office phone number (925) 426-4390 (for all inquiries to information not addressed on school website)

The PUSD Anonymous Tip-Line is in place so students can help their friends get the help they need. This support number is used for help and assistance, not discipline. Help us support students and deal directly with problems by calling this number and report; any high-risk behaviors, depression or suicidal thoughts, bullying issues, drug or alcohol concerns. There is no caller identification used on the call and all calls are referred to the appropriate staff at our site.
ANONYMOUS TIP-LINE (925) 417 - 5199 (Call or Text)
Please note: The Voicemail System that has been set up in each classroom is being replaced in the near future.