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Student Technology Passwords

Pleasanton Unified School District Technology Services - Google Apps for Education Accounts


NEW Student to Pleasanton Unified School District Password Setup
 If you are a NEW student to Pleasanton schools and are in the 6th - 12th grades,

you will need  to visit to create your password

and set password recovery responses. This process should take you no more than

five minutes to complete. You will need  to your Student ID number, your last name,

a phone number for a parent or guardian that is on file in Q, and the name of the

street you live on. Don’t include St, Ave, Rd, or N, E, S, W, etc. in your street  name.

When entering the phone number use only hyphens, no spaces or parentheses.

A video that shows the entire process is available here:

Once you’ve completed the activation process and created your password responses,

you can click on the “What is my email address?” link to discover your Google Apps for

Education username/email address. It will be in the form of your initials followed by a

random 4 digit number Make a note of your email address as you’ll

use it as your username to log into Google Apps.


Password Changes for 5th graders moving up to Middle School
While you do not have to change the password you had in 5th grade, you may choose a

new one. Log into the password manager at with your

Student ID and current password. Click on change password. Once you have completed

that process you should proceed to set up your password responses. These will allow you

to reset your own password in the future.

Returning 7th to 12th graders - Forgot your password?

Go to
Enter your student ID number and click on “forgot my password”. If you cannot remember

your password responses, exit and then retry. Because you are randomly getting asked for

2 of your 4 password responses, you may get asked two different questions that you can

answer. If you still can’t answer your questions contact your Site Technology Specialist.