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Activate Gmail Account For A New Student

All Pleasanton Unified School District students have a Google Apps for Education account.  A new student to Pleasanton Middle School will need to visit to create a password and to create a set of password responses. In order to complete this process, the student will need the Student ID number, last name, a phone number for a parent or guardian that is on file in Q, and the name of the street of residence.  Enter the phone number using only hyphens, no spaces or parentheses. For the street name do not include St, Ave, Rd, or N, E, S, W, etc. 

This short video shows PUSD student password activation process.

Once the activation process is completed, click on the “What is my email address?” link to discover your Google Apps for Education username/email address. The email address is in the form of your initials followed by random 4 digit numbers This email address will be used to log into Google Apps.