School Resource Officers are part of our staff

Our School Resource Officers (SROs) are most often associated with their assigned high school, but did you know they spend time at Pleasanton's middle schools as well? Part of an SROs role, at both the middle and high school level, is education - making sure that Pleasanton youth understand the law and the potential consequences of poor choices. During the month of September - SRO Harvey and SRO Rossillon, in partnership with school staff, spent time explaining the rules to PUSD middle and high school students. Some of the topics they covered at the middle schools were bullying, sexual harassment, cyber bullying, healthy communication and an SRO's role on campus. Topics at the high school level included an SROs role on campus, fighting, vaping, harassment and sexting. All presentations covered the many ways a person can reach out for help if needed. By 9/28/18 - the SROs will have presented to every middle school and ninth grade PUSD student... So when you ask your middle schooler or ninth grader "have you learned anything new lately?" we hope they offer up some of what they learned. We love working with our Pleasanton Police Department and School Resource Officers - We are Better Together.