Parking, Drop-Off & Pick-Up at PMS


 Please Remember:
  • In the AM, pull in behind the cones and keep moving until all cars stop. When cars come to a stop, students should quickly exit the vehicle.  Please watch the car ahead to see if you can pull forward to allow cars behind you to move into the Drop-Off Lane.
  • All students need to use the crosswalk in the parking lot.  It is extremely dangerous to have students walk through the parking lot at Drop-Off or Pick-Up times as motorists may not be paying close attention.
  • For PM pick-Up, please talk to your student about where to meet you. Planning on where to meet your child will provide a faster departure, added safety, and support a quicker flow of after school traffic.
  • Please do not drop-off, pick-up, or park in the Ridge View Commons senior citizen parking spaces located across the street from our school. Their lot is private property and the reserved spots are for the residents that live in the facility.
  • Discuss a possible meeting location that is off campus that your child can walk to for a safe pick up.
  • Please, do not make any U-Turns on Case Avenue, it is dangerous, against the law and Officers will ticket (traffic tickets in a school zone are double the regular fine).
  • Carpool, Carpool, Carpool!

Main School Parking Lot Reminders:

  •  The curb in front of the school, along Case Avenue, is a designated Drop-Off & Pick-Up Area.  A new sidewalk has been constructed that enables students to walk from Case Avenue through our parking lot crosswalks, to our Bike Rack area. Crosswalk Guards will be in the parking lot to assist students.
  • Delineators have been installed at our school entrance for immediate left turn to the front section of our parking lot Drop-Off & Pick-Up Area.  Staying to the right will bring you to the back section of the lot to our AM Drop-Off.  Safety cones will mark the Drop-Off Area that will run parallel to our Bike Rack lot. This is to support the traffic flow for A Period & regular morning commuting.
  • Delineators have been installed by our front section Drop-Off & Pick-Up Area to support the flow of traffic and safe merging.
  • The Bus Pick-Up Lane in front of our school, will be closed to all vehicles, except City & School Busses & Emergency Vehicles, from 2:30 - 3:30 each day. Please do not park in this area during this time to ensure room for busses and emergency vehicles when necessary.  Cars will receive tickets if parked in the bus lane red zone.
  • If you are dropping off at the Entrance Road of our school - please pull in behind the cones and parked cars near our 400 Building (the Entrance Road is the double lane we share with Hearst Elementary)
  • If you are dropping your child off in the back of PMS (behind the MPR) - Please note that it is a 10 MPH Zone and there are students & staff present.  Proceed with caution - Administrators will be on monitor to remind parents of safety rules.


Please help us, your children, and yourselves by following the rules of the road. Thank you so much for your support.

Pleasanton Middle School Administration

& the Pleasanton Police Department