PPIE Donations for Pleasanton Middle School

PPIE Donations for Pleasanton Middle

Thanks to your support, PPIE will donate $644,000 (over 20% increase) to our schools for the 2018-2019 school year primarily for staff support and our annual grants.  Every year, we complement PTA funding, which focuses on ’stuff’ - such as school supplies, technology, activities and parent/teacher development - and ALL our combined funding improves the classroom experience for your student.  At Pleasanton Middle, we are proud to fund:

  • 2 extra hours/day for a School Site Tech Specialist to ensure your technology is accessible to teachers and students
  • 2 extra hours/day for a Librarian to keep the library open longer
  • Support of the Intervention Specialist program to support students and teachers in the areas of math and technology
  • Support for a Crisis Counselor program that the school district is developing 

To sustain this support, PLEASE donate at least $1 a day for your student on Future Fund at August Registration.  If everyone donates something, we ALL benefit.   AND tell us what you want PPIE to fund at your school - our annual survey will be live August 1 on our brand new website at www.ppie.org  Thank you and have a great summer!