Diversity Week: March 20-24


Diversity Week is back in full swing this year!!! We'll be celebrating all that is Diversity on our campus over the week of March 20th. Students will be participating in lessons over the course of the week, have a chance to witness the many talents of FHS/AVHS and PMS students during the Talent Show, engage in lunch time activities, and are cordially invited to an after school Diversity Celebration on Friday, March 24th. Our very own Rock and Roll Club will provide the entertainment, and volunteers will bring snacks, games, and information about their different cultures.
How can you participate, you ask? Well, let me tell you:

1. Contact Patty Blair [email protected] if you'd like to bring food from your culture on March 24th.
2. Contact Karen Cobb [email protected] if you're interested in creating a Tri-fold full of information from your culture, bring a hands on game for students to play, or have another idea to share for our Friday after school portion of Diversity Week.
3. Contact Melissa Kondrick [email protected] if you have a great idea for a lunch time activity or would like to help out on a lunch time activity.
We're looking forward to creating an amazing week for our students to remind them that Pleasanton Middle School's Diversity is our STRENGTH!