NEW Volunteer Clearance Processes

Dear PMS Community,

We wanted to inform you that PUSD has a new Volunteer Clearance process. We value and appreciate our volunteers and recognize what an invaluable resource they are to our students and school programs. Our volunteers typically help us in the classroom, chaperone field trips, assist with school events and keep our many programs and activities functioning. If you are one of those volunteers, please read the following carefully.

The Pleasanton Unified School District Volunteer Management System includes three (3) levels of volunteer clearance and tracking. We ask that the level of clearance is chosen based on the anticipated volunteer activities.
Level 1: Basic Level Clearance - Classroom volunteers and other on-campus school volunteers who are directly supervised at all times by PUSD staff 
This is the most basic level of volunteer clearance and requires:
  • Completion of the PUSD 2022-2023 Volunteer Clearance Form (which includes a self-attestation regarding vaccination status)
  • Driver’s License scan via the Raptor system when checking in through the main office of a school site
  • Unvaccinated volunteers must be in compliance with mandated weekly Covid testing 
Level 2: Extended Level Clearance - Volunteers who are interacting with students without direct supervision by PUSD staff  
The extended level clearance applies to program-related volunteers such as assistant club leaders, field trip chaperones, and other volunteers who will be interacting with students without the presence of a PUSD staff member. These volunteers must have school site approval to obtain this level of clearance prior to completion of the PUSD 2022-2023 Volunteer Clearance Form. These volunteers must complete the following requirements:
  • All Level 1 requirements
  • LiveScan Fingerprinting (DOJ and FBI)*
Level 3: Student Transportation Clearance - Volunteers who will be transporting students as a driver for field trips, extra-curricular activities and/or athletic events
This level of clearance requires:
  • All Level 1 requirements
  • LiveScan Fingerprinting (DOJ and FBI)
  • If transporting students in a personal vehicle, proof of insurance is required and must be verified. Minimum insurance level verification - All drivers must maintain liability insurance of at least $100,000/$300,000 bodily injury and $25,000 property damage and $5,000 Medical Payment per occurrence. Print, complete and submit the Volunteer Driver Transportation Form along with supporting documentation to your school office.
*If financial assistance is needed for the cost ($69) of the LiveScan fingerprinting, Pleasanton Unified School District will provide a voucher. Volunteers needing Level 2 or Level 3 clearance will receive instructions regarding the process to complete fingerprinting including the LiveScan registration form. Volunteers needing to be cleared prior to September 15, 2022 will be prioritized for LiveScan fingerprinting.
Once a volunteer has been fingerprinted via LiveScan for the Pleasanton Unified School District, they will not need to be fingerprinted again. To further clarify, this is a one-time requirement and will not have to be completed on an annual basis.

Thank you for your cooperation,