Message from the Principal to our Parents/Guardians.

Dear Parents/Guardians:
As we enter March, we are preparing for and cautiously celebrating the upcoming opportunity to bring back approximately half of our students for live instruction through Hybrid instruction. Making a transition in the middle of an instructional term will require some pivoting from our teachers and students. Thank you everyone for continuing to show kindness and grace towards each other as we take positive steps together as a community to restore some normalcy while still keeping students and staff safe.
At the time of me writing this article, we are still planning on the first day of Hybrid being on Thursday, March 11th. Our schedule for Hybrid learning (whether you are remote or hybrid) is linked here. Please visit our Pleasanton Middle School website for other important information including our COVID-19 Safety Plan, a slide deck describing our Covid protocols, and an orientation video for our students and community.
The success of our Hybrid instruction will depend on our community’s ability to execute the safety protocols. We want our students on campus, and to continue to take positive steps forward while living during a time when Covid transmission is a real concern that must be taken seriously. Positive cases of Covid are not only a safety concern, they could lead to the closing of classes, cohorts, and our school if we have enough positive cases.
Let’s work together to make sure we are following our new Covid protocols. Here are just a few:
Hybrid students need to complete (with the help of a parent/guardian) the daily screening form. If your child has a symptom, keep them home. 
All individuals on campus must wear a mask and physically distance 6 feet.
Wash your hands or use the multiple disinfecting stations on campus
Individuals not complying or showing symptoms will be sent home. For students, we will isolate students with symptoms and call parents to come to pick up the student in a timely manner. 
Students may only participate in two school-related cohorts. If your child is attending hybrid in-person school and participating in one live extra-curricular school activity, that constitutes two cohorts. 
We can do this Panther community. The staff and I have much faith in our Panthers and look forward to another positive step towards being together again! Panther PRIDE!
Joe Nguyen | Principal