PMS Social Distancing Drive-Thru

An opportunity for students to drop-off their textbooks, library books, and pick up their PE clothes. 8th Grade students will also get the opportunity to drop off their school issued Chromebook and pick up their promotion certificate, promotion program, and their previously ordered panoramic picture.

PMS Social Distancing Drive-Thu Information

Dates: Tuesday, May 26th – 9:00am – 12:00pm 6th Grade Students

Wednesday, May 27th – 9:00am – 12:00pm 7th Grade Students

Thursday, May 28th – 9:00am – 12:00pm 8th Grade Students


Cars will enter the front parking lot from Case Ave. Cars will proceed through the parking lot dropping off appropriate materials. Cars will exit back onto Case Ave. and proceed to the West driveway towards the back of the school. Cars will have the opportunity to drop off band equipment at the band room as well as pick up their PE clothes from the locker room. Cars will be directed to park on the blacktop in a numbered order so students only can enter the locker room and pick up their items. Limited number of students will be allowed in the locker room at a time. Cars will then be directed to exit campus back through the Hearst drive way.

Prior to Arriving:

All books and items being returned should be placed in the trunk of the car prior to arriving on campus. All cars going thru the parking lot must have their windows up or passengers must have face coverings if their windows are down. All cars should have the following information labeled on a piece of paper visible through the front, passengers side windshield, of the car.

Upper Left Hand – Grade

Middle of the paper – Last Name, First name

Bottom of the paper – Subject with Teachers last names of books you are returning. Example – ELA – Cease

P.E Clothes Pick-Up

ONLY STUDENTS will be allowed to enter the locker rooms for item retrieval. Students should bring their student planner with them so they know their PE locker combination. When directed, cars will drive onto the black top, park, and students will be allowed to enter the locker room from the gymnasium side. Once they have collected their items, they will exit the black top side and return to their cars. Cars will exit the blacktop when directed to do so.

If you do not want to pick up your PE clothes you can leave them in the locker. The lock will be cut off and items will be disposed of during the summer break.

Band Instruments and Sheet Music

Students will turn in or pick up their band instruments and sheet music in the turnout circle located in the back-parking lot after they have completed turning in the items in the front parking lot.

8th Grade Students – All 8th grade materials will only be handed out on Thursday, May 28th

Picking Up

8th grade students will pick-up their promotion certificate, promotion program (2 copies), panoramic picture (if you ordered one) as well as any certificates you may receive during the promotion ceremony.

Chromebook Drop-off

All 8th grade students will be turning in their Chromebooks. Chromebooks will be scanned and checked in prior to leaving the front parking lot. 8th Grade students should drop off the following items (Cost if item needs to be replaced):

Chromebook ($216)

Charger ($25)

Students may keep the Chromebook sleeve

Alternative Days

If students are not able to make their assigned drop off day, please attend one do the other grade level days with the following guidelines:

All books must be placed in individual large zip lock bag with the students name and name of the teacher the book was issued from.

PE clothes must be picked up or the lock and items in the locker will be disposed of during summer break.

Chromebook drop off must be labeled and placed in bag with the charger

All 8th grade materials will only be handed out on Thursday, May 28th.