Pleasanton Middle School

Important Information From the Attendance Office - Please Read

 If a student will arrive late to school, the parent/guardian should call the school attendance line at 426- 9701 before the student arrives or send a note with the student. The student must then sign in at the attendance counter and receive an admit slip. If a student is absent from school all day, a parent/guardian is required to call the attendance line that day to clear the absence. If a parent fails to call in and clear the absence, a note will be accepted at the attendance window upon the child’s return to school. Any uncleared absence after 3 days will be considered a cut and a discipline referral will be given. It then becomes the student’s responsibility to clear the unexcused absence, so that the discipline referral is not processed. The student has 48 hours to clear the cut. If a student needs to leave campus for a valid reason, a parent must send a note stating the date, the reason for departure, the time of departure, and the expected time of return. The note must be written and signed by the parent/guardian. New - Parents must then come in to the attendance office and sign their student out. The note is to be brought to the attendance window at the time of departure. All students must sign out when leaving school and sign in upon return to school at the attendance counter.